Gia Derza & Isiah Maxwell in Office ASS-istants #02 – Gia Derza & Isiah Maxwell, Scene #01


Gia Derza is working at her desk when her boss, Isiah Maxwell, comes in and says she can go home for the day if she wants. However, Gia says that she wants to continue working. Isiah praises her for being a hard worker, saying he’s noticed that she often stays late. However, after Isiah leaves, Gia gets started on the REAL reason why she stays at the office every night. She takes out her cellphone and starts recording a naughty video, calling herself a horny office slut as she starts touching herself.Days later, Isiah calls Gia into his office, where he reveals that he found some… interesting videos of her online. Gia thinks that she’s in big trouble for using the office as her own personal porn studio, but Isiah reveals that he actually likes the videos. He asks Gia to give her an in-person demonstration of the stuff she does in the videos, so she happily climbs onto his desk and partially undresses so she can touch herself, stroking and fingering her pussy.Eventually, Isiah stands up and takes out his impressive cock. Gia eagerly gives him a blowjob, then Isiah fingers her pussy and rims her asshole to prepare her for even more fun, including fucking her amazing ass!

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Added on: July 30, 2022

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